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ITI is a progressive and forward-thinking IT and Consumer Electronics wholesaler.  We purchase surplus Consumer Electronics from a significant number of A and B brand manufacturers in Europe, Asia and the USA.

A global network...

Via a global network of distributors we assist brand and OEM manufacturers in the clearance of end-of-line, cancelled order, excess, and refurbished products. Central to our working philosophy is the process of involving the manufacturer in decisions on where the stock can be sold; ensuring maximum financial return as well as eradicating potential channel conflict.

We also work globally with many different retail channels to ensure that product distribution is not only fair to our OEM clients, but also causes no conflict between our customers.  This ensures faster sell-through and the best financial return to all parties involved.

In December 2009 we were awarded the prestigious status of 'Authorised Economic Operator'. This HMRC accreditation demonstrates our professionalism and efficiency within the international supply chain, and guarantees us as a secure and reliable trading partner.

Assisted by technology...

Over the last 18 months ITI has developed a bespoke Trading Platform; software designed specifically to provide comprehensive analyses of where products will be best placed. The Trading Platform takes client instructions and objectives and performs an analysis of currency trends, shipping, and re-work costs to advise global locations likely to generate the greatest financial return. The system is entirely client-focused.

Driven by experts...

Offering client services of the highest order, through dedicated and experienced staff, is extremely important to the ITI service proposition.

In addition to investing in the continued growth of our global sales channels, ITI have also placed significant emphasis on the professional development of a multi-lingual team. Our current linguistic skills include French, Spanish, Hispanic, (South American) and Mandarin.

Our senior management team has been together for 10 years, with each director having a personal wealth of experience of over 20 years in the IT and Consumer Electronics industry.

ITI continues to reflect an ever-changing market place. We are constantly expanding our expertise in new areas in order to maximise our clients' business opportunities in an evolving world.

The long-standing relationships that many of our clients enjoy with us offer the true measure of our success, reflecting our ability to deliver.