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Areas Of Business / Go To Market Systems

We have invested in our bespoke in-house ‘Go To Market’ Trading Platform.  This system is used to analyse where product will be best placed to maximise the highest financial return, whilst taking into consideration existing sales channels and maintaining brand protection. 

The system uses an exchange rate analysis tool to pinpoint the countries on which our multilingual sales team should focus, in order to maximise profitability for our clients. 

We use the system as a consultancy tool to take guidance from the client on where stock can be sold without damaging existing channels and relationships, and to show them the possible locations their stock can be distributed into whilst maintaining maximum financial return. 

Our clients are provided with a unique consultancy service which enables them to detail their specific requirements and restrictions around the disposal of their stock. Once the identified restrictions are set up, the system ensures that the account managers adhere to the client’s sales objectives.

The consultancy procedure is ongoing throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, since global influences on the marketplace may have an impact on individual company strategy.  With our large global footprint, and unrivalled industry knowledge, we can guarantee our clients a professional and intuitive service.