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About / History and Philosophy.

 ITI was founded in 1999 to meet a gap in the market for a collaborative professional remarketing partner for Tier 1 electronics manufacturers.

We have continually developed our services and, as a result of consistent growth reflecting our market expertise, have moved location three times. These moves have always been driven by the necessity to house ever-growing volumes of stock as our customer requirements grew, culminating in our 30,000sq ft facility in Alton.

We also continue to invest in the latest logistics and stocking systems to allow us to manage the high volumes of stock with the complete traceability that our clients demand.

Placing stock into the right channels upholds the integrity of the brand, increasing financial returns for the client at the same time. Despite the expansion in recent times of internet auction sites as a method of disposal for excess inventory and overstocks, ITI have chosen not to pursue this route.

A paramount consideration for our clients is the ability to control where, and for how much, their product is sold. We believe the only ‘safe hands’ are our own, not a website.


We invest in our own in-house technology to gain a competitive edge and greater control. There are many factors that can influence the eventual financial return to our clients e.g. currency fluctuations, import duty and carriage costs. ITI have invested heavily in software development that gives us a far-reaching capability above and beyond that of competitors. This software can automatically demonstrate where products can be resold, the maximum currency gain, and the least attributed costs, giving clients far more control and financial return as well as minimising channel conflict.