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Case Studies / Case Study - Vantis plc

Vantis plc is one of the UK’s leading accounting, tax, business recovery and advisory groups, focused on servicing SMEs and owner-managed businesses, as well as private individuals.

When IT Industries became aware that Vantis plc had been appointed administrators of Linmark Electronics Ltd, we offered our global inventory management services.  We demonstrated our expertise in dealing with distressed stocks through past administrations; Miller Bros, Time, Powerhouse and LBE t/a Partners in Europe, to name a few.

Despite entering the bidding process a week later than other bidding parties, we made an offer to Vantis of approximately £300k for the remaining stock. Our offer was put forward in a matter of days. Vantis accepted the offer and returned significantly higher returns than they would have obtained via any of the other offers.

As part of an asset realisation process for Linmark Electronics, Vantis plc sought a sales solution for the remaining liquidated stock, in the region of £300k.

The stock comprised large quantities of PVR’s, TV’s, DVD players and Microwaves.

Our consultation procedure

IT Industries clarified any restrictions for placing the stock within the UK or abroad. We worked closely with Vantis to gain the highest possible return on all stock purchased.


One of our guiding principles in cases such as this is that speed is paramount. Having made our offer within days, the agreed funds were transferred, stock was inspected and we took immediate delivery.  Returns on the stock were being made within the week due to our global network of customers.


Vantis plc disposed of their remaining liquidated stock seamlessly, using a reliable source and gaining the highest returns possible by using IT Industries global inventory management services.

Professionalism and speed

“We were very impressed by the professionalism that IT Industries displayed and the speed with which such a deal could be done.  We will definitely use their services again when the situation arises.”

- Business Recovery Services, Vantis plc.